Cake Size & Price Guide

Get an idea of what cake size you may be needing along with the starting prices.


A dozen vegan cupcakes start from $50 for a basic style of buttercream with one design/flavour per dozen (12). Minimum order is 12. I also offer mini cupcakes starting at $20 per dozen with a minimum order of 4 dozen.


This is the smallest cake size available. It is the perfect cake for most small gatherings and events, serving between 12-18 people and starting at $100.


This is the most popular size cake from my range. Serving between 25-35 people, this size is great for birthday parties and other events involving your friends, family or colleagues. 7" cakes start at $150.


This size is perfect for 18th, 21st and other milestone birthday events. Serving up to 60-70 people, this cake is big enough to add lots of treats, flowers and personalised toppers on top. This cake size starts at $250.


This is the biggest cake I currently create. Usually for weddings, engagement parties and big family birthday gatherings. A two-tiered cake can be created bigger or smaller by changing the size of the two cakes I use. Starting at a base rate of $350 however two tiered cake are always customisable and are quoted for the size of the event.

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